Cigar Box Gutar Neck

How to Make a Basic Cigar Box Guitar: Making the Neck Part 4

Marking and cutting the headstock recess

The headstock recess is slightly different from the body recess, it is cut in the same way with a saw or chisel, but instead of the end being straight it is angled similar to the way a Fender guitar neck looks.

Mark out the headstock recess in the same way as the body recess, but measure down 9mm from the top instead of 8mm. This will leave the headstock with a depth of around 16mm which is perfect for most machine heads.

Headstock recess has been measured.

Next grab your mitre saw; mine has a handy 45 degree horizontal angle and this is what we are going to use. Line up the headstock angle line with the 45 degree horizontal angle on the mitre box and saw down to the 9mm depth line; keep checking your progress on both sides to make sure that you don’t saw too far.

Cutting the headstock recess angle.

Cut the rest of the recess as described in the previous post with either a chisel, hand saw or bandsaw, and finish off with a coarse file and sandpaper.

Finished headstock recess.

You are now finished with the neck for the moment and can turn you attention to the cigar box.

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