Cigar Box Gutar Neck

How to Make a Basic Cigar Box Guitar: Drilling the Mounting Holes for the Neck

I like to secure the neck to the lid of the cigar box using screws; you can use glue, but it will be harder to dismantle if you need to fix something.

Start by drawing a line down the centre of the underside of the cigar box lid and onto the sides (see Pic below).

Centre line has been drawn on the underside of the cigar box lid and the sides.

Next, draw a line down the centre of the neck at the end of the fret board and the end of the actual neck. Attach some double-sided tape to the neck and stick it to the underside of the cigar box lid, making sure that all the lines meet up; double check that everything is in line and that the neck is parallel to the cigar box before drilling your mounting holes.

Neck has been taped to the cigar box lid.

Fit your cordless drill with a 3mm drill bit and drill your mounting holes through the cigar box lid and neck making sure that you stay as straight as possible. Placing a scrap bit of wood underneath the neck will prevent your drill bit ruining your work surface.

You can put your mounting holes wherever you think looks good, I have put mine at the top and at the bottom to give the neck stability.

Mounting holes have been drilled.

Now it’s time to finish the neck before screwing the two pieces together and mounting the hardware.

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