Cigar Box Guitar

How to Make a Basic Cigar Box Guitar: Cutting the Neck Slot in the Cigar Box

Measuring and cutting the neck slot

Now that the neck is nearly finished it’s time to move onto the cigar box. First thing to do here is mark out and cut the neck slot so you can fit both pieces together.

First, measure the neck recess, on my neck it was 40mm x 17mm and make a note of it (add on the depth of the cigar box top, in this case its 4mm, so the neck slot should be 40mm x 21mm). Grab yourself some painters tape or low tack masking tape and tape up the top edge of the cigar box where the neck slot is to be cut.

Mark the centre of the box and measure out the neck slot like the picture below.

Neck slot has been marked out.

Cut the two vertical lines with a razor saw or fret saw making sure that you stay inside the lines; a Stanley blade can be used if you don’t have access to a thin saw.

Cutting the vertical lines with a razor saw.

The two vertical lines have been cut.

Use a Stanley blade to cut the bottom line; use several passes of the blade and when your about ¾ of the way through the wood lightly rock the piece backwards and forwards until it snaps off.

Cutting the bottom line with a Stanley blade.

The wood has been removed.

Test fit your neck in the hole to see if it fits, if it’s too tight use your Stanley blade to slowly remove the excess wood until the desired fit is reached.

Test fitting the neck.

In the next post we’ll be cutting some sound hole in the cigar box.

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