Cigar Box Guitar

How to Make a Basic Cigar Box Guitar: Adding the Hardware

We’re rocking and rolling now, all we need to do now is add the guitar hardware, attach the neck and string it up.

In this article we will be fitting the piezo pickup, machine heads and hinge tailpiece as well as attaching the neck to the cigar box.

CBG Hardware, piezo pickup, hinge tailpiece, mounting screws, bridge bolt and machine heads.

Attaching the piezo pickup

The piezo pickup is positioned on the bass side of the cigar box underneath the bridge. It is held in place on the lid with some tape as the neck will permanently hold it in place when it is attached to the cigar box.

Piezo pickup in place.

Adding the machine heads to the neck

Push the main body of the machine head through the bottom of the neck and use the hexagonal threaded nut through the top to attach the machine head. Once you have your machine heads aligned tighten the hexagonal nut down with a spanner, be careful not to over tighten it as you might mark the timber, once that is done fit the mounting screws.

The machine heads have been fitted to the neck.

Attaching the neck to the cigar box

Fit the neck into the pre-cut slot in the cigar box and fold the lid over slightly; now is the time to screw in the piezo pickup jack socket. Close the lid fully and make sure the neck is aligned properly; screw in the neck mounting screws a little at a time until they are all tight.

Attaching the neck to the cigar box.

Attaching the hinge tailpiece

For this project I am using a hinge for the tailpiece. To mount the hinge place some painters tape across the bottom of the box and mark the middle. Take your hinge and make sure that the middle screw is lined up with the middle of the box and that the hinge flaps over the top of the box. Mark the three hole positions with a nail punch and screw the hinge on.

The hinges screws will go through the box and into the neck making the whole guitar stronger.

Hinge position marked.

The cigar box guitar is nearly finished; all that you need to do now is string it up and tune it 🙂

The cigar box guitar just needs strings now.

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  • Peter Verity


    Quick query - where could I buy (in UK) a CEDAR cigar box? Explanation - i am knee deep in banjos & guitars so don't want to make a guitar.... The wife's christmas present is a beautiful raw silk sari... and we get clothes moths... I do not want to give her this without a CEDAR box to put it in... Peter Verity. Edinburgh

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